Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting Ready

“It was my biggest dream. Today it’s come true. I’m very happy for it and extremely thankful to all those who stood beside me to see my dream come true”
Karan Johar the mastermind behind the greatest bollywood hit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai said that he has been rehearsing these words right from his childhood. This was his Speech of Acceptance when his movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was chosen the best movie.

My twelfth standard board exams had just started when I saw this interview of Karan Johar. I liked what he said. . . Rehearsing to face success; getting ready to face occasions. So I thought I will also rehearse for something big. Since 12 STD exams were going on and I had my English book in hand, I rehearsed how to face the press if I get a state rank in English. “I was quite happy with my performance, but the state rank is indeed a surprise to me. I would like to thank my English teacher Mrs. Eugene for the way she made the classes interesting and special thanks to Mrs. Kanchna my first English teacher”. This is what I exactly said in my first interview when I got my state rank in English. After a very long gap, I started rehearsing again. This time the rehearsal was for acting as a responsible brother to a beautiful sister. The occasion in pipeline was my sister’s engagement. I have attended engagements, marriages, birthday parties and various other ceremonies. But never felt the need for a rehearsal. This time it’s happening at my home. Tight schedule at office never gave me time for practice. But my mind was constantly working on the D-Day activities. How do I welcome guests? How do I answer to people? How do I create impression that I’m a very responsible brother? All activities were pre-arranged. I had nothing as such called work to do. Still I need to show people that have toiled for the day. Mental preparations and monologue rehearsals everywhere. The office restroom mirror and my Bike know how much I have rehearsed. Hard work always pays isn’t it? December 8 2006 turned out to be the most memorable day for many. And from my side, wow it was THE DAY I WAS LOOKING FOR. Though many recognized that I was just acting there as a responsible man, I had no other option. I had to be a responsible son/ responsible brother that day.

Karan Johar’s formula worked out well for me the second time too. And you know I have started my rehearsal for the next EVENT :->

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

சென்னையில் ஓரு மழை காலம்..

அழகிய காலை பொழுது
மின்சார ரயிலில் தொடங்கியது
எனது பயணம்

கடற்கரை சந்திப்பை நோக்கி புறப்பட்டது ரயில்
கடலுக்கு அப்பால் சென்று ஒளிந்து கொண்டது வெயில்

தெருவில் நடந்து சென்றேன் நான்
மழை பொழிந்து வரவேற்றது வான்

மழையில் நனைந்தேன்
உலகம் மறந்தேன்

சுயநினைவை இழந்தேன்
இன்ப வெள்ளத்தில் விழுந்தேன்

மழையே! உனை நான் ரசித்தேன்
மழைத்துளியே! உனை நான் ருசித்தேன்

ஒவ்வொரு துளியும் இனிமை
ஒவ்வொரு துளியும் புதுமை

கண்ணீர் ருசியை நான் அறிந்தில்லை
மழைநீர் ருசியை சொல்ல நான் கவிஞனும் இல்லை

அன்று மழையில் வழிந்தது என் இளமை
மழை எனக்கு உணர்த்தியதோ.... என் தேசத்தின் வறுமை!

நான் அறிந்தேன்,
உண்ண உணவு, உடுக்க உடை, இருக்க இடம் இவர்களிடம் இவை இல்லை என்று

நான் அழுதேன்,
இவர்களின் நிலை கண்டு

நான் உணர்ந்தேன்,

கண்ணீர் மழைநீரோடு கலந்தது
மனதில் புது வேகம் பிறந்தது

நான் எழுந்தேன்,

என் தேசத்தின் வறுமை ஒழிக்க
என் மக்களின் வாழ்வு செழிக்க
ஏழைகளின் கண்ணீர் போக்க
துயர் மறக்க, புது வழி பிறக்க!

Special Thanks to Mathi for Spell Check and Thiru for Tamil Fonts/Data Entry :-)

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Leave Letter

Respected Madam,

My daughter S.Kavya studying in your class (III STD ‘C’ section), could not attend classes on 30-10-2006 and 31-10-2006 as she was suffering from high fever and vomiting. I request you to kindly consider her absence as leave.

Yours faithfully,

Kavya is taking leave for the first time. She is the only student in that school to get 100% attendance certificates every year right from her K.G classes. She has been such a bright student and teacher’s favorite kid that her class teacher called to enquire about her health. I’m very proud about my daughter. I didn’t study well. I will be a driver for my entire lifetime. I know nothing but driving. But Kavya is not like me. She is too smart. She is so much interested with school and studies. I will do anything to aid her financially and morally with her studies. Her school fee is more than what I earn for 4 months. But that doesn’t matter. She wants to be in that school and I’m here as her father to make that happen. One day she will come up in life our pappa.

Pappa is how my dad’s driver addresses my sister. There was no trace of tears in his eyes when he recited the above to me while I was writing the leave letter for his daughter. But his voice conveyed the emotions. I realize what it takes to be a father. I can also feel how my parents would have dreamt about me and my sister when we were kids.
KIDS are always kids for parents. As kids (grown up & growing) lets make their dreams come true.

Blog dedicated to all Parents and KIDs.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

oru ponnu onnu nan pathen !!

What do you do when a cute little girl shows green signal . . . signs of inviting you to join her when you are waiting for green signal?
I started praying that the signal should remain RED for some more time.

“Newyork Nagaram” song is making my ride back home enchanting. Earphones tightly plugged to my ears inside the Helmet DEN! I apply brakes slowly to stop for the signal which I usually do rashly. This time I purposefully made it smooth so that it doesn’t disturb the rhythm of the song. A cute little KID captures my attention there at the signal. Sitting in her mom’s lap, this girl calls me closer with genuine, coordinated arm and eye movements. “Andha ponnu kupta namalum vazhinchitu poradha?” that will affect my reputation seriously. So I turned brusque. Starred angrily at the little girl and showed signs of disrespect to her invitation. Deeply hurt by my actions the girl reacted! Hugged her mom tight with her eyes closed still more tight. Her face shrunk in discomfiture. I lost my face too. What on earth did I do now? Shame spread around me. I have spoilt the girl’s entire evening with my unmindful action. But being a quick learner I was swift enough to recover. With gentle signs of apology I opened out my helmet windscreen to reach out to the girl. With extended arms I earnestly called her to take the front seat in my bike (the petrol tank over which kids are always made to sit). The little girl had a big heart to forgive me. I understood this with the way she smiled back. First time I saw a girl hiding her face with shy seeing me! Excited by her response I invited her to occupy the special seat with all rights. For a few seconds I blushed… she blushed back too :-) (idhula background music vera). If only I had a chocolate to offer her… cha I wanted more interaction but the signal turned green. Her bike went in the same direction in which I had to go. Seri konjam scene podalamnu solli I accelerated more than her dad did and went past them. I had hardly moved few meters ahead of them, my eyes wanted to see her again. Unable to resist the temptation I slowed down…and there I ‘am right behind her. She is excited to see me back. I felt like I had done a great sacrifice by slowing down to get a glimpse of her beauty, but actually she had done the magic by mesmerizing my senses. “khanna Mannu Ponnu Pennu – indha moonu pinnadiyum namma poga kudathu, adhu than namma pinnadi varanum” Rajini dialogue suddenly struck my mind. So I had to abandon her there and move ahead. With a heavy heart, I overtook her bike once again and this time I never looked back. Her eyes, the smile, the charm, and my god I don’t know if I will meet her ever in my life again. I pray I should never see her back. I will forget my way back home if I see her again. I offered special seat not only in my bike but in my heart too. She dint reject the invitation. But she couldn’t accept too. The invitation is now floating in air. Whoever receives it, please keep it safe, cos its very SPECIAL :-)

Saturday, September 30, 2006


“Watchman. . . Watchman” . . . call him this way and he comes running even at odd hours to open the gate for me. Today the gate is open and my watchman is not at the gate where he usually stands. I find some space at my private parking area occupied by the watchman for having dinner. I have canteen at office and a dinning table at home. Poor fellow where else will he go? This was my gesture towards him when I got down from my bike. As I move towards the staircase which leads to my home, I hear a very gentle voice “Vanga . . . vandhu saapdunga” Startled by the dinner invitation I took few quick steps backwards so that I reach close to him. With utmost courtesy my watchman is enquiring me if I had dinner as it was sometime past 10 pm. This is what his “Vanga . . . vandhu saapdunga” had to convey. He knows I’m not going to take share in his dinner; still he had that simple yet hospitable attitude to ask me. I have been in this apartment for the past one year. I cross the gate (also the watchman) at least twice a day. But I never had the cordial nature even to smile at him. But today he thought me a strong lesson. In a quick jiffy I’ve learnt to WATCH the watchman as a MAN.
“Time as he grows old teaches him many lessons”
I’m learning . . .

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Journey (Search) Begins. . .

It’s a dark evening and the train has just pushed itself out of the station, moving slowly towards Chidambaram. Kadhir in his rugged attire runs along the wooden fence adjacent to the railway track to catch the train. He doesn’t know where this train is going, but he has to board it. He breaks open the fence at a point and with blind courage jumps to catch hold of the train door. He is aboard now. The train is picking up its speed and he finds his way into a coupe. This old modeled compartment looks very unusual to him. A small room like compartment partitioned into two with a bed on the other side. Kadhir was scanning the coupe with prayers that he shouldn’t be identified by anyone. He just raises his feet to have a look at the other side of the partition. He finds an old lady sleeping with medicines around her bed. Kadhir sighed with relief. He makes up his mind that this would be the safest place for him until he finds a way out. He turns around closing his eyes resting his back on the door. Kadhir was meditating upon his past. All his essential parts had relaxed by now. Still his mind was at unrest. His heartbeat was above 80 per minute. His eyes are still closed tight. There is no other sound he could hear except for his heartbeat and the galloping horse power of the train. Silence is golden. Kadhir realized it today. Amidst this blissful silence he smells someone passing by him. Slowly he realizes someone moving around watching him but he is not ready to open his eyes. He fears reality. But then he has to wake up. He builds up strength within himself to tackle the immediate reality. Kadhir with all his false energy takes a vivid yet rustic turn with angry eyes to encounter the new person. The train has reached its top speed, but kadhir stopped just to see a nightingale cross him. A familiar face but not an acquaintance, a nurse in plainclothes with medicine in her hands reaching out to help the old lady in bed. Kadhir is stunned by her patience. Questions popped up in his mind as she never minded his presence. Her blank eyes and energy less walk seemed as though she was never bothered about a stranger aboard. Kadhir has seen her many times before. She looked like a girl next door. He is speechless. But she has already started conversing with her eyes, instructing him not to panic but to relax. He abides by her command. She is busy attending the old lady and he quietly watches her do the nursing. They know each other just by their face. Otherwise they are total strangers. Still a mutual understanding helps them both move along without hard feelings as the train races towards its destination. Mid-night has jus passed. Kadhir is still standing on his legs with his back resting on the door. The old lady is fast asleep. The silent girl moves slowly around a table trying to give kadhir a hint to have his supper. Few pieces of bread a half filled bottle of water was all that the girl had to offer him. But kadhir wouldn’t budge from his place. He is glued to himself. She too doesn’t want to disturb his tranquility. She switches off the light near the old lady’s bed and reaches to the partition near the door side with her carpet. She gently spreads the carpet which nearly touched kadhir’s feet. Without showing any sign of sleepiness she hurriedly lies down in the carpet with her hands as head rest. Kadhir stood there watching her close her eyes. Few minutes later she slowly opens her eyes. In the gentlest possible way, without much physical movement pointing to the space between her feet and the door, she utters her first few words to kadhir, “Innum evlo neram than ippadiye nippa? Ippadi ukkandhuko” Saying this she goes back to rest. That was the most comfortable and soothing voice kadhir had ever heard in his lifetime. The surprise and softness of her voice was still swinging in his eyes, when he finally sits down near her foot admiring the sleeping beauty. It will dawn in few hours from now. Kadhir will abandon the train as it reaches its station. But I feel that kadhir’s journey; his search for life will begin there.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lets Grow Together !

It has been quite sometime and I haven blogged my mind down for a long time now.

What’s going on in my mind? The thought process is varied, wide or focused? Vague ideas, naughty notions, passionate dreams rule my mind now. This phase seems to be quite interesting making me think only what I want and barring other thoughts. Incidents and experiences are the real teachers for life. Time as we grow old teaches us many things. I’m learning everyday. Looks like Bala will turn Buddha one fine day? No says the world around me. We won’t let it happen. We need people around to survive, to grow, to learn. All these need mutual acquaintances around to make the process interesting. So I’m here to stay, to teach you, to learn from you, to make you grow as I grow along with you.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Top Cop - The ONE !

Top cop, prolific writer, meditation junkie, doting mother - there are many sides to Kiran Bedi. Vatsala Kaul meets the woman behind the uniform June 1974, Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi: Seventeen women and children are trapped inside a haveli in the Walled City in Old Delhi. Rioters have set the building on fire. The only entry is up in flames. The IPS officer in charge asks the head constable to break open the gate; he balks. Then she moves in a way that is to become her trademark. Sitting under a hand pump, she drenches herself and smashes the gate open with a kick. The other policemen imitate her actions and soon everyone is safe. Kiran Bedi has been tested, literally, by fire and she has passed. She's 'madam' now. And soon, she is going to be addressed only as 'sir' - her gender forgotten, only the police officer in evidence.Now, three decades later, Dr Kiran Bedi, former Special Commissioner, Delhi Police, is uncharacteristically flustered. Her BlackBerry has gone kaput, taking with it her address book. "What is this tamasha?" exclaims the 56-year-old. "It is writing 'abcd' on its own!" She darts from one room to another, switching off the fans and lights as she goes, jabbing away at the unresponsive BlackBerry. Trophies and shields are displayed all over her Talkatora Road government bungalow in New Delhi. "Each is a memory, each symbolic of an internal victory," she says. There have been many accolades - including the Ramon Magsaysay Award, the UN's Serge Sotiroff Memorial Award for drug abuse prevention and two honorary doctorates, one from Guru Nanak University, and from the City University of New York's School of Law for prison reforms. There is also the current 1000-strong global list of women nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize of which 91 are Indian - one of them is Bedi.Bedi has been up since 6 am. She has meditated and worked out in her personal gym. It's a rainy morning and she is looking for a shaded spot in her garden where she wants to be photographed. While everything about her is crisp and clipped - the signature pathan salwar suit, the neatly buttoned-up jacket, the close-cropped auburn-tinted hair, and stolid black sandals - there's restlessness about her, like a chef dicing asparagus on a television show. But she laughs a lot, and her face softens in a trice when a car drives in with her daughter Saina - she calls her 'Guchchu'. "That's a cover picture, now that's really glamorous," says Bedi, the doting mom. Saina could well be the inspiration for Bedi endorsing jewellery from Nayaab Jewels, a Chennai-based company, who contacted her last year on the recommendation of her friend Leela Poonawala, while Bedi was posted in New York as the Civilian Police Adviser in the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations. Its print campaign shows Bedi in uniform, a sparkle in the background.Bedi doesn't like to pose, but has never really been camera-shy, often courting the limelight. "She was always media savvy," says Gautam Kaul, member (full time) at the Public Grievance Cell in New Delhi, whom Bedi calls her mentor. Bedi trained under Kaul, then the SSP, North Delhi. "At 5 pm in West Delhi, she would be out in full uniform, pistol holster in place, leading a posse of 15 policemen, patrolling the main road, making roadside gamblers and bootleggers scurry into the shadows. It was like a movie, it looked great on camera."The quintessential pin-up police officer, Bedi's unconventional methods turned the existing approach towards crime and criminals on its head. But not everyone was thrilled at her lack of deference for those in power. While many magnified her into a hero, some labelled her an attention-grabber. "Kiran proved that crime control is officer-centric, but she paid a price for it, depriving herself of the pleasures of a family life," explains Kaul. Bedi has no regrets, though. "My family kept pitching in, coming in exactly when they were needed, because they knew this job is what I had grown for," she says. Husband Brij Bedi, a businessman based in Amritsar, agrees. "She was always on call. With her job it would be foolish to expect her to look after the home," he says.Bedi's most talked-about posting was as inspector general, Delhi Prisons. She turned Tihar Jail into a model for reform. It won her worldwide acclaim. Her seminal work on prison reform, It's Always Possible, was published in Italy, Indonesia and now also in America. Her other two books, As I See and What Went Wrong¿ and Continues, based on her experiences, continue to be quickly picked off the shelves and I Dare, her biography (released in 1996) was declared by India Today as the biography of the decade in the 1990s. But if one ran the 'bookshelf test' to graph Bedi's interests, it would be cleanly divided into spirituality, leadership, sport and human values. There's not one work of fiction, though as a young girl she liked Ayn Rand. "That's a stage of life... one can sometimes overstretch a stage." She shows off her collection of spiritual books - the Vedanta Treatise by Swami Parthasarthi, and her favourite, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. Bedi harbours a dream of going into a spiritual retreat, "to be one with nature and the divine". But even she knows how far-fetched that sounds. Even when she retires from the police in 2009, even if she chooses to live at her farmhouse in Haryana and cycle to Damdama Lake 7 km away, she is likely to be found working away at one of the many causes close to her heart - surrounded by her books, laptop, spiritual music, mobile and newspaper of the day. And some prunes to eat when hungry.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

passion of the earth !

Everything on earth is deceiving. Nothing is real. There is no value called truth. It’s a very bad world out there. Then how will people who live by principles survive here? Is there any way out?
What was once a world of goodness and truth has now transformed into a warehouse of ingratitude and deception.
God, the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent divine energy has ignored earth.
Is it so?
He no longer cares for this world of humans with only inhuman attitude.
Is it so?
God helps those who help themselves. We are emotionally, physically, economically, potentially dependent beings by all means. We can’t help ourselves. So don’t expect god.
Is it so?
See god in your mother’s love. See him in your father’s care. Feel him in your spouse’s faith.
Touch him as you caress your kid. Serve him by serving others. What does this mean? Godliness and divinity is all around, but it’s our role, which needs some conscious efforts to invoke his presence.
If this is way we need to lead life, then why is it people around are yearning for wealth and pleasures. No care for the fellow being. Always looking for a chance to cheat and hate. Where is mankind heading?
Man has become selfish, absolutely egoistic and lazy. All vibrations and energy around us has turned negative. Still we do find time to laugh. We smile, we shed tears, and we go places jus to see them. Still there are people who make us feel proud. We still adore and admire people for what they were, what they are and what they will be. And all these small elements in life help us sustain the hope of living a life worth its creation. At times life looks too beautiful and at times it looks most shabby.
Understanding the nuances of life is but a task impossible. But then how do we go about living? Learn life as it grows? Who are teachers here? I know there aren’t any preachers around.
It’s you. Only you. No one can make you grow. Growing is living. Growth is life. Learning from mistakes, obliging, forgiving, thanking, smiling, and greeting. They make life look good.
But what if I oblige and my neighbor doesn’t care for it?
What if I forgive but my foe isn’t guilty?
What if I thank and the person near fails to acknowledge?
What if I smile and you my DEAR frown at me?
If my world moves this way will I ever have the heart to greet someone? This makes me feel that the world is deceptive. Goodness is just an illusion. This brings me again to my first point. But I can’t let these deceptions spoil the goodness and richness in me. I’m passionate about my life. I’m strong. I’m capable of learning from mistakes. I will learn to kill my ego. I will learn to thank, smile and greet. I will live life the way I want and the way divinity commands. Complaint will always remain unattended as long as it is complained. Actions speak louder than words. But when actions can harm and words can soothe, even proverbs fail and humanity wins. So winning is with us. Just that we need that extra tact to handle life. Let us be tactful turning our weaknesses into strength. Lets live the way that makes us feel good and NICE. The earth will always be one piece of god’s creation and man will always be part of this small piece till the computers can calculate date.
My earth is beautiful! Love you!

Friday, August 04, 2006

I found the reason

It’s the season of Friendship. August is the month for friends. All our inboxes are overflowing with forwards glorifying friendship. Friendship Bands have been on whooping sales. Special offers everywhere. Be it garments or gift shop, friends are flocking together everywhere. Thanks to the new trend in IT industry, all beach resorts too are full on weekends. And all this attention for what? Yes it’s for FRIENDSHIP DAY!

And here comes the famous argument “Do we need a dedicated day called Friendship day?”
Why not? All mothers love their kids. But have you seen the spark; that extra happiness sprinkled all around her face on your birthday? Does that mean she loves you more on your birthday? Not at all. Our age and lifestyle demands that we spend most of our time either with ourselves or with our friends. In due course we forget that there are people around who require our attention, care and concern. Slowly we learnt their yearning for us and decided to dedicate special days as Mother’s day, Father’s day, etc. And one fine day it struck to us that “Don’t we need a special day for our friend’s who made us forget all our other dear and nears?” And thus evolved the concept of Friendship day!

Note: All reasons stated in the above blog are true (only) to my knowledge.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rain in Brain cos of Train !

Friday 14 July 2006, 7:28 Pm,

Started early from office, still I don’t have mind to leave the campus. I keep dragging my exit by roaming around cubicles and meeting people .Finally I started off around 7:30, dropped a friend at Guindy subway and moved ahead towards home. Traffic was like hell and so I took the route less traveled by, the road behind Guindy railway station.

Guindy railway station
Friday 14 July 2006, 7:48 Pm,

My bike and a train are running parallel, of course my bike on the road and the train on tracks. Every time I use this way, I think of stopping for a while and spending some time watching the trains pass by.

I love Trains. I love watching them pass by. I love to hear them. In fact Doppler Effect which is often explained with the sound of a distant train approaching us and then slowly the sound fading away once it passes us, is my favorite or the only science theory I like!

But people will brand me Insane if I stop my bike here now for this crazy purpose. But still unable to resist my interest I slowed down my bike. Someone is calling me in my mobile. I seldom attend calls or do the SMS stuff when I’m on the move. But today I was tempted to stop by the road to attend the call (it served the dual purpose of attending the call and gave me the time I require to see my favorite sight). The call was from a friend and the conversation was over in ten minutes. My mind heart and eyes were focused towards the world beyond the 5 foot wall, the Railway station.

Two Express trains passed and two Electric trains passed. I enjoyed watching and listening to them. I don’t know what makes me so excited about these trains, but I know I love and enjoy them! What a pleasant time it was watching these trains pass by from the other end of the road! To make it more pleasant, there comes my DEAR rain! Sudden outburst of emotional tears, this is how I will describe yesterday’s showers. Deserted road, silent night, the sky is crying and I stand near my bike without shelter, what else do I need to pen down a poem. But I’m not a poet so thought will jus key in this blog!

Few thoughts were running through my mind at this point. The thought process was as steady as the rain and the train! We are gifted with many blessings when compared with others. Still we yearn for more. Every time we wish for something, we think that, if only this happens I will be the happiest person on earth! And when the wish or dream actually comes true, are we still with the same mental set up? No, our heart is ready with its next wish. When u watch a train coming out a tunnel, u can’t guess which one will be the last compartment until it actually comes out of the tunnel. Similarly we never know which one will be our wish which will make us content! Though a weird comparison I felt it holds good!
I don’t know if u people can think this way, I was happy making such relations with train rain and brain! (Rhyming Na?).

Few movie scenes flashed through my eyes, I started drafting a chase sequence along the road and the tracks for my dream movie (don’t worry I’m not the hero in the movie, I direct it). I placed myself in one of the platforms there as though I’m waiting for someone coming in one of those trains, and then a popular scene of me sitting with friends on the wall along the railway track (kutti suvaru) also ran through my mind. I slowly started realizing that rain was stopping; the trains were moving and me still in dreamland (road corner drenched in rain). Unlike other days, I rode my bike slowly and steadily to keep the mood safe. It has been safe till now, and will remain safe forever here!

Saturday 15 July 2006, 11:08 Am

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Love at first sight !

Jus gone thru 3 pages and im already exhausted..This is wat happens whenever i take a book..be it a novel, fiction, biography, or EVEN a text book !

Im bad, really bad in reading.. Boredom struck me so hard dat one fine day i ran out of all leisure activities dat used to entertain me..Eating, sleeping and Dreamin had

become my routine dat time..Dat day i sat with a mystery novel by "ALFRED HITCHCOCK"..a very small book..hardly 150 pages..As i was reading thru it my spine went

straight ! So much suspense ! After sometime i started feeling sleepy n dats it..thr ends the story. I had covered jus 25-30 pages..this is my interest towards books...never

touched the book again..

But my intuition always used to warn me.. see one fine day u ll turn a voracious reader !

Impossible was the reply i had for my sixth sense.. Still my intuition was strong enough to convince me dat i ll indeed become a voracious reader..

Being a person who respects n acts by his instincts..i accepted the views of my sixth sense !

For a guy who runs at the sight of a book, to turn into a redaer who loves reading..this is no simple task.. For this to happen, the first book i will read has to be AWE INSPIRING !

But where when and how will i identify such a book ! A book dat is inspiring, somethin which will kindle my spirit for reading, an instrument which will pull me into reading habit !

Dan Brown's Da vinci Code ! the best seller of all ages..the book which broke many records n created controversies ! Even this din help me out ! first 12 chapters and i threw the book.. but then my intuition grew so strong dat i started looking out for dat "good book" which will do the magic..

One special person tells me.."How can u be my Kinda person when u r not reading books !!!" Where do i keep my face now ! She was a voracious reader..i say "she was" because she doesn find time for them now..still she manages time for books !

My intuition knocking my doors..my heart urging me to impress (not a false impression) my special one as i had promised her..


But im yet to find my KINDA book..

One fine sunday evening after a busy day, a relaxed meeting with my close friend.. most unexpectedly we start talking about books and he shows me his latest collection of books.. And he tempts me by saying dat he got a book and he has been thinking about me ever since he bought it... He also adds up sayin dat i ll take away the book if he shows it to me ..Suspense n suprise about a book ! someone says this books is jus for me and hides it from me ! I can create Suspense environment around me but seldom can bear when its woven around me.. Finally like Rajni introduction scene, my friend takes out the book.. " LOVE at First Sight " this happened to me not jus wit dat girl, but also with this book. The Title of the book itself impressed me.. Sunday night 1 hr and and monday night 2 hrs, the book is over.. I cant believe i completed a 300 page book in 3 hrs !

Im pleased with myself, im satisfied dat my intuitive powers ve predicted the rite happenning..Yes im inclined towards books now..not all dat is available, but the ones im searchin for..the ones which match my taste..the ones which make me ADMIRE and the ones which will interest me to go for the next one !

The book which i jus read might not interest u as it did me..tastes differ from person to person u see..But i felt i ll share it with u all as this is the first book i ve ever read fully right from the title in its cover page to the reviews in its back cover !

And i kno its injustice if i don mention the name of the book even after so much boasting !

Manual of the WARRIOR OF LIGHT by Paulo Coelho..so long i was talkin about this one.. ;->

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Its Special to be Special n ve Someone Special !

Pls Don try answering these questions !

Why is dat somone is special to us than others ?
Why is dat we admire n adore someone more than anything else ?
Why is dat we dream n dream about a dream to dream more about a dream with dat special one ?
Why is dat we wait for someone Special but hate waiting for others ?
Why is dat we are happy doin favors for dat specail one but look for excuses when it comes to helping others ?
Why do we like talking to those special people even when we are down with no energy ?
Why do we like talking about them ?
Why Aren we able to look into their eyes but always yearn dat they stay in our eyesight forever ?
Why do we stumble for words while talking with them ?
Why do we don like ending a conversatiion with the special one even when we run out of words ?
Why aren we able to say NO to those special ones for anything ?
Why is dat we aren able to say "U were wrong" to them even when they were wrong ?
Why is dat we get Excited with jus the thought of somone special ?
Why is dat we aren able to control our temper when somone says bad about our special somone ?
Why is dat we laugh n Cry to ourselves for dat somone special ?
Why do we feel lucky having them with us ?
Why...? still many more questions..

pls don answer me.. Im not in search of answers..

All i wanted to convey was.."Jus enjoy these Crazy Feelings"


Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome the Change

Change is the only thing dat doesn change !
At times when ppl give overwhelming responses and applauses to some dialogues in movies..i do think why is it so ?
Its because they ve encountered such a situation in life but were unable to respond or deliver the way our matinee star did in the movie.
So movies aren totally false..except for exaggerations here n thr.. After all we r looking for change man !
Go to Central railway station anytime of the year, travel in Electric train anytime of the day, visit a cineplex on a weekend, im not suggesting ways to freak out but to feel wat population explosion is..im sorry i din mention Ranganathan street during festival times, cos its reserved for someother xperience..HELL ON EARTH !
To understand People, ask help to ur relatives, catch an auto to reach a place where u usually go by public transport or ur own private vehicle(auto drivers and their charging mechanisms will teach u many lessons), go to a crowded store where Customer service holds no sense any longer.. Chk if this was human behaviour 5 yrs back..Do u feel the change ?
why am i saying all this.. i jus felt dat the world is constantly changing by all means.. The textures and fixtures..the colours and valours..the thinking and inking..everything is changing..but wat has been ignored is the Human value in them.. the value of words, the Warmth of a touch and the hospitality behind the gentle smile..ve we lost them?
The answer is a YES and a NO !
Confusin isn it ? ( Im always one big CONFUSION ! {even to myself})
I say yes because its a fact we r ignoring them in our so called fight for survival and i say no because we still xperience these pleasures if not always, atleast at times..
So let me come to the final word.. The Fast changing world demands selfish motives for survival..but life loses its charm when u dedicate ur life only for it.Lets not Worry about the lost charm.. but live such a way dat we enhance the rest of of life wit energy that soothes and lifestyle dat suits !

Change wit change;
behave strange;
keep ur range;
don estrange;
but try exchange
for a better change !

Thursday, June 22, 2006



Angry Gentleman!

Does that sound like an oxymoron?

May be. But can an angry man ever be gentle?

Why not! If a gentleman can get angry why not accept an angry Gentleman!

And full marks to Angry Young Gentlemen, without them Abdul Kalam's Vision 2020 will remain a dream forever!

Well let me try defining a gentleman/angry man/ and an angry gentleman!

A gentleman is gentle. He always wants people address him as gentle and he will always act gentle and never react. But the time he started acting gentle, he loses his identity and individuality.

I’m not a gentleman. I don’t want to be one too!

Angry man. He is full of vigor, his name means fire! He never acts but always reacts.
He can’t face rejection. He can’t take excuses. He can’t bear pain. He is reflexive. Beware! He might harm you by words and action. He is true only to himself. He is not a bad guy, but we brand him bad. Poor fellow actually becomes bad in his run to prove his stand to us that he isn’t bad.

Am I an angry man? No I don think so. Sometimes I may look like one if not to you at least to someone somewhere. If so, I need to break that image. If not with the person who says that I’m a angry man, but to myself.

Angry young gentleman! He is my man. Your man. The complete man. He is young. He is full of strength, energy and power. He doesn’t act still he is gentle. His temper may be bad but he doesn’t react. No he is not numb. But then who is he? He is the only who GENTLY REACTS WITHOUT ACTING.

He is not swami vivekanada’s re-incarnation. But the modern KARNA who is generous, brave and benevolent. His survival is tough in this big bad world. Yet his youth and anger will keep him moving. His gentleness will win him friends.

Am I the Angry young Gentleman?

I wont say yes. But I’m grooming myself to be one.

The woods are lovely dark and deep,
I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.

Live this way when it comes to the self.

Heel the world.
Make a better place.
For you and for me and for the entire human race.

Live this way for the people around.

This is a simple (in words) yet an effective (when put in action) suggestion from this upcoming ANGRY YOUNG GENTLEMAN :->

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Honey ! I drove the Rain :(

A splendid evening full of laughter jus got over and im on my bike back home.. It started raining wit the same whirlpool kinda effect again.. and the first thing which struck my mind was.. “oye its time for my next blog”..but wait.. y din anyone jus tell me dat Mr.rain actually knows to read.. Otherwise y did the rain stop jus wen I thot of composing my next blog !! ????????… L

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday the 3rd of June

Goofy says

The mobile is ringing beneath my pillow. All I know is that it is early morning and Saturday. I have no idea of who is calling still I attend the call. “ Its an ABEND and you got to be at office ASAP” this is what I heard and the person at the other end asks me the time I will reach office. I’m not able to open my eyes even to check the time. And here comes mom to my help. I can hear her prompting the time “its 6:40”. I know I can’t make it, still I say that I will be there at office at 7:30 sharp. Gathering all my strength I somehow managed to get up and push myself to brushing zone and there I am ready to start at 7:30. Many a times I have seen Dad getting calls like this in the early hours and then he rushes to office. His profession was that way. But do I really need to do this being in the so-called “IT INDUSTRY”??? This was what I was thinking while I rode my way to office. The ABEND fixing this time was indeed a good learning experience but at the cost of my precious Saturday morning nap. Oh my god I had my tea at around 7 am but its already 10 and I have no hopes of having my breakfast today. Times keeps running and so is my bio-clock. Its 11:30 and still tummy is empty. Reading my sad situation as Bad luck, one of my smart and kindhearted friend consoles me saying “ another half an hour and its lunch time man!” good friend Na? Finally the ABEND is fixed and I start back home. I know I’m riding faster than usual, but what to do I’m hungry for food and the lost sleep. Lunch has never been so special except for Non-veg. But today the usual Sambhar sadham and curd rice with potato chips makes feel like heaven! Pasi koduma!
Immediately after lunch I snuggle into my bed. Sleeping beauty!

A bright evening starts with me going to the shower for the first time for the day followed by a visit to Mr. God’s place. Poor god unable to help me with my problems became dull. Its Saturday evening, the right time to spend to quality time with my friend. Then nice dinner at one of my family friend’s house (mom went there when I was sleeping in the afternoon). Its 9:30 PM and I start my bike along with mom. Usually when mom is at my back seat I ride slowly (nalla pullanu per vangathan). As I started the bike I could feel a sudden change in weather. Cool breeze and traces of raindrops here and there. So “its gonna be a nice ride” this is what I thought. But I never knew that a small adventure was in stock for me. I would have covered hardly a km on road when the gentle breeze started to show its fiery face. I have seen this only in movies. Whirlpool style wind, the sweet little leaves and kuppai’s of chennai city flying from one side of the road to the other. The wind got stronger and stronger and I found it extremely hard to keep my vehicle under my control. To add up to my woe there comes Mr. Rain. The wind and the rain together were so strong that I could hardly see anything on road. Have you ever experienced a hundred needles pricking Ur face and body? I felt it today. The wind and rain were so strong that when I was riding over the flyover, my mom got tensed seeing one of the Ad boards falling over the bridge. She asked to stop somewhere. Where do I stop? Road a kannukku theriyala! Then finally managed to stop in a nearby petrol station. Rain seemed to slow down and we started our journey again. But again it started, this time showing its very angry face. We thought of stopping again, but both of us felt that this will worsen but will not stop. So we continued. From now on till we reached home I had good exercise for my mind. I was thinking of writing this blog, praying that my bike shouldn’t stop in rain as I saw quite few two-wheelers out of order due to the rains. My concentration was on the road too as it was very slippery. I had to bear with the needle pricking effect of rain too (it was indeed very painful). At one point, the situation worsened so bad that I asked my mom to close her eyes. As it comes in movies I saw bikes, which came along skidding one after the other, thanks to the rain-wind combination. Very adventurous ride it though a dangerous one too. Dunno why I never felt like stopping in the middle. Even my mom din insist on that. The lonely, shade less, dark by-pass road we took for the travel may be the reason too. On reaching home my mom said “though it was very different experience today, please don’t attempt it again”.
But I’m sure I won her confidence today that I’m a better driver. Now the time is 3:30 am. Its Sunday morning, the first Sunday of June. I tried hard sleeping but in vain. Finally landed up typing this blog. If you had patiently read the entire blog, I salute you. Cos I know it nothing but junk out here. Still I never feel like writing blogs unless when I go too crazy as I am today. Until I turn “too” crazy again, its good ye from me. I stressed on the word TOO cos im always crazy and only at times go “too” crazy :->

Note: I haven given spell check, grammar check or at least read thru once. So kindly ignore all errors if any !

Sunday, May 21, 2006

sunday bugggggggggggsssssss

Seems working on sundays produces gnani's ;-))

here are my second set of thoughts / advices / tutorials for life !!!

take life as it comes; always be good and do good for those who ve directly or indirectly done or been good to u..this will give a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to the way u live ur life..u can never forget or forgive ur enemies.. if someone says he has forgiven or forgotten his enemy dat means he is lying or the person who he is actually talking about is actually good !!be wat u r..never change for others..

there are many more lessons dat life has thot me.. there is a tamil song lyric.." nooru kanuvugal kandale..aaru kanuvugal palikadho"
out of 100 dreams wont atlest 6 come true..definitely it will come true...i strongly believe in this.. it does happen !!!!
set targets and work towards it..thou u may not be succesful in reaching the statistical target..ur work will never go waste..ur ultimate mission for which u set a target and work towards will surely be urs !!!!
these are some of the truths i realised via my experiments wit life..

the reader should be an epitome of patience if he/she enjoued reading this.. else..he/she needs to look into life SERIOUSLY ;-)))))))))

Sunday, May 07, 2006


At last i ve found one good HI-FI dumping ground for my thoughts..

wat happens happens for a reason..

u can never forget or forgive ur enemies..they always be thr !!

this is enough to start my blog.. :-))