Monday, May 26, 2008

Gresham’s Law of Planning

Gresham’s Law of Planning states that a person with responsibility for both routine activities and long-term planning is likely to find the routine activities taking the greater part of his time.

I found this to be very true. Daily routine takes more time or most of our time under two scenarios.

Case 1:
When we are too obsessed with our routine we tend to neglect our long-term plans. This may be true when our priority is inclined towards the routine activities as the rewards it can gain are quick and more visible.

Case 2:
This happens when we are totally detached with our routine. Routines cannot be skipped. So we tend to drag it on and on, eventually leaving behind very less or practically no time for our long term plans.

In either case, the culprit is not time. We are the only person responsible for our actions. In my opinion, Case 1 is far better a scenario to have in life than Case 2. We end up spending time and energy for what we actually want or enjoy doing. Case 2 is a nightmare. It draws nothing good from you and your efforts. Neither you are happy nor do you build the capability of keeping others happy. Life goes waste whining. Job satisfaction, perfection in what you do, the net result of the job you do, the customer satisfaction and relation, all these depends on which case you belong to. Case 2 will definitely leave you dissatisfied while Case 1 may bring out the best in you.

Finally all I have to say here is…. I’m a victim of Case 2. My routine activities, kept me out of my long term plans and also my most favorite ‘world’, the world of dreams, stories, and blogs. I have fought my way back to my dream place. So my point here is, it’s always possible to do WHAT YOU WANT.

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