Friday, November 09, 2007

Diya- The TurmoiL

And in total anguish he pulled out a cigarette. The lighter failed to trigger leaving him more disgusted than ever. He threw away the cigarette and the lighter in frustration. He did not realize his moves until he banged himself against the side wall with a heavy thud. The impact of the bang put him unconscious down the floor.

His room was everything for him. His Den, hideout, palace, classroom… The most serene place on earth... He never welcomed his friends to his room. Not because they will envy, but he feared they will disturb the setup of his room; his very own private space. His ambience of the room which he dearly called as “Diya” was exactly a near replica of his dream home…The left corner of the room had the thick mattress on the floor with this beautiful night-lamp. The mattress was fully bordered buy small pillows. If you have to count these pillows, I suppose it will just cross a dozen!!! Diagonally opposite to his bed arrangement was his most favorite Music System. If only it can play something of its own other than what he plays, then the system will for sure start crying…It’s the first gadget that goes ON as he enters the room and the last one to go OFF before he leaves. The center part of the room is the most populated area. A small glass table neatly covered with a red velvet cloth. This table holds a Laptop, a mobile, a pen, a small diary and his Cigarette gear (A cigarette pack and a lighter). This is where he spends his late nights. Every morning he wakes up to his favorite tunes. He was own master and servant. He was very keen about the cleanliness and maintenance of his room; his dream Diya!

Today his room totally out of shape. Nothing is in its place. Scattered pillows, dirty corners, unusual darkness are characters of Diya these days. He has lost his discipline in life, compromised his principles, switched away from his passions. He is not what he was… All unwelcome changes have captured him. Everything because she said NO?
The Bang against the wall will repair his mind. Deep within his cry to become good again will wake him up from his downfall. The next morning when he wakes up, he will be a new man. He will wake up with new convictions. All these hopes and fire will last only till her smile flashes across his mind. The turmoil begins again. Diya will go out of shape again. There will be another Bang on the wall.
Statutory Warning: Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health