Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi..!

Colombo, March 25th 2006, 6:30 PM
Her elbows were bleeding. She was in total shock unable to find a way out. The raging fire and the stampede at the shopping complex had left her stranded away from her friends. The fall from the escalator on the first floor hurt her badly. The fire had engulfed the entire floor. The usually bold girl today had no other option but cry! Just then a hand pulled her and swept her away into a store in that floor. Sagar could not think of anything else to escape the fire but to break open the show case glass and jump out of the complex. Grabbing her hands, Sagar with all his power kicked heavily on the glass. The window pane broke into pieces giving them a way out of the fire raged complex. Sagar pushed forward the shock driven girl asking her to jump down the window. But she wouldn’t do it. She was afraid to jump one floor down to the ground. Understanding the girl’s mind, Sagar convinced her that he would jump first so that he can catch her when she jumps down. Not giving her much time to think, Sagar jumped down and asked her to jump. Standing at the brim of the floor, she couldn’t gather enough confidence to jump down.

“You have to jump now. I’m here to catch you. Now come on jump” when he was shouting this aloud, she closed her eyes and jumped down. Sagar carefully caught hold of her in his arms. He ensured that her descent did not hurt her. She was lying in his arms like a small kid. Sagar stood still for a while. In sometime she came to her senses and got down. Without even looking at his face, she ran towards the other end of the building in search of her friends. Little did she realize that she had not even had the mind to say a word of gratitude to the person who saved her life. Sagar wasn’t surprised seeing her run away. But he was still standing there cherishing the few moments, the brief spell when she was in his arms like a cute little flower ready to bloom.

For a timid guy like Sagar, it was her grace which gave him the strength to save himself and her. Pondering over the sweet bitter moments that just went by, Sagar sat down on the ground unattended. After few minutes he made up his mind to leave the place. As he was getting up, he saw a young lady rushing towards him. It was she who had left him alone there a while ago. She came running, took his hand, uttered a short, sweet and heartfelt thank you. She wrote on his palm her mobile number and her name…Aditi!

Born and brought up at Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. Complete BA History at St.Joseph’s College Trichy in 2003. Joined a Diploma course in Journalism at Asian College of Journalism, Chennai in 2004. His took up his first job joined his first job with SUN TV as Tamil NEWS Script writer in June 2004. Unwillingly he had to move to Colombo as Assistant NEWS reporter in February 2005. A timid, shy guy, Sagar had no big aspirations in life. His life never beyond the lines of his work, his room and the occasional letters to wrote to his family back in India.

The Daredevil; the explorer, Aditi is a great cook. Because she is currently attending culinary classes J She is the synonym of smile. There is nothing big in this world more than her 1999 model scooty, milk chocolates, and walking in rain. She can live without anything except for her favorite food and friends. Her little den (the hostel room) was something reserved for night sleep alone. She has got the rest of the world for the day!

Sagar’s encounter with Aditi threw open a new ray of life for him. Aditi marked the end of an era of lifelessness. Aditi wanted to be loyal to Sagar for having saved her life. For Sagar, Aditi’s friendship was made his life colorful. He started loving chocolates while Aditi soon took interest in NEWS reporting. Day by day their friendship grew sweeter. Aditi started visiting Sagar daily. She dropped him wherever he wanted to go to collect news. She was his payless driver. Sagar on the other hand became the test rat to taste Aditi’s recipes. Not even a single weekend passed without a movie and dinner together. Life was sweet for them.

Saturday, September 23rd 2006
After their usual Saturday evening movie and dinner, Aditi & Sagar were returning home. Usually Aditi drives the bike (her scooty) and Sagar takes the pillion. Today Aditi wanted Sagar to ride the bike as she was feeling too tired. Sagar drove slowly but steadily. It was around 10:30 PM when they reached the hostel. Aditi got down, took over her bike and parked it inside the hostel. She then came out to wish him good night. Sagar usually takes the local train from there to reach his apartment. He had hardly taken few steps away from the hostel when Aditi called him. “ Sagar…tomorrow morning be here sharp at 9 o clock…I have a surprise for you”
Sagar smiled, nodded and left the place. On the way, he was guessing to himself on what could be the surprise but he had no clue.

Aditi was very much pleased with herself on having created the hype of a surprise as she wished. With this content feeling she singed her way to her room. As she climbed up the stairs, she noticed a suspicious shadow behind the pillar. Very boldly she went near the shadow questioning who it was in a stern commanding voice. The hiding militant, to put off her voice, swiftly swept his knife past her neck. Aditi fell down speechless and bleeding.

Sunday, September 24th 2006
Sagar couldn’t resist the suspense behind the surprise. So he came there to her hostel early at 7 AM. He was indeed surprised to see the crowd around the hostel campus. As he sneaked through the campus, he saw Aditi wrapped in blood stained white cloth taken into the ambulance.

6:00 AM, September 24th 2009
Sagar is now the chief NEWS editor of the Daily Thanthi, the famous news daily from Trichy.
He takes the newspaper and directly moves to the third page, and reads through the obituary column which read…

3rd Death Anniversary
Aditi Vikraman
Born : 24/09/1984

Died : 24/09/2006
Fondly Remembered by Family & Friends