Thursday, August 23, 2007

Frozen Tear Drop

Darjeeling Railway Station, December 21, 1999, 5am:

The first rays of sunlight spread slowly across the platform. Darjeeling was freezing at 13 degrees. Young Aditya was cheering up his sister Roshini. Roshini was the talk of the town. She had cleared the Medical entrance exam of the Moscow University. She will be the first girl from Darjeeling to fly to Moscow to pursue her M.B.B.S!

Roshini was the school topper in her 12th standard board exams; her not so good performance in the entrance exam couldn’t fetch her seat at the Delhi Indira Gandhi Medical College. She had to be satisfied with a B.Sc from the Angels College at Darjeeling. She saw the entrance call for the Moscow University in the newspaper which she used to browse across just to find a small job to keep her at her feet. She was reluctant and lacked spirit when she applied for the exams. She was about to tear off the Hall ticket when she read that the exam center was at Lucknow. It was Aditya who persuaded her to go for it and did the big role of making their father say YES! Luck, fate or talent, Roshini dint know what to blame. She got admission to the Moscow medical university on merit. Her entire education fee and hostel charges were waived off. January 1st the course will start at Moscow and the students were expected to be there not later than December 28th.

Aditya and Roshini. ..Roshini will do anything for Aditya. Aditya felt gifted for having Roshini as her elder sister. Though Roshini is just one year elder to Aditya, never in these 20 yrs had Aditya fought against or had rough words for Roshini. He respected Roshini more than anyone else on this earth. Love commands Respect. Roshini was the sweetest girl in town. The way she call Aditya ‘Mere Bhai’ (My Brother). Nothing is more sweet than those loving words. Aditya flew in pride with the news of her sister’s feat. But their father was stern in not going ahead with this admission. Roshini too wasn’t much interested. 6 yrs at Moscow with no vacations. That was pretty too much. More than miles in between Darjeeling and Moscow, it was the number of years which stopped everyone from taking a serious note of this chance. Forget Moscow and Roshini will remain Roshini forever. Never in her lifetime she will be Dr.Roshini M.B.B.S.

Aditya wanted to see her sister shine before this world as a successful Doctor. One week of fighting, persuasion, debates, arguments and finally Aditya won the battle. Today Roshini is at Darjeeling station to catch her train to Delhi from where she will fly to Moscow with the other students selected from across the country. Roshini’s mom, dad and other relatives had shed tears and were all gone dry. Roshini too had prepared her mind for the big break. Only five minutes was left for the train to start. Roshini traditionally with all respect touched her parent’s feet to get their blessings. Aditya was in a triumphant mood. He was cracking jokes to keep her sister smiling. It was time for the big good bye as the train moved.

Mom, Dad and Aditya slowly walked towards the station exit, watching the train leave the platform. The train had disappeared from their sight. Aditya suddenly stopped. Glanced at the platform they were standing so long. The last few moments with Roshini flashed in his mind. He knelt down, and. . . . Aditya burst out crying. Tears were unstoppable. He was crying loud and cried more loud. Aditya, the nice little chap who usually acted like crying to get what he wanted so long in his life, today cried so deeply that the entire station froze in sadness. The tear drops from his eyes spoke his love for his sister and the pain of separation. Love is pain.

Today, Singapore, July 19th 2011, 7am:

Aditya just called up Roshini to wish Little Aishu a very Happy Birthday. It was Aishu’s 3rd Birthday. Aishu is Roshini’s first daughter. She is not as sweet as Roshini, spoilt brat. Aditya’s most lovable kid. Aditya’s favorite ;-)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

“Please stand up for the National Anthem”

The hall was all set for the movie to start. The commercials were over and lights were switched off to screen the movie. I was eagerly awaiting the Censor certificate to be screened. But instead a message was displayed.
“Please stand up for the National Anthem”

Human Brain is the fastest in the world. Before the message disappeared from the screen, I had made hell lot of assumptions; hundreds of questions and vague answers scrolled across my mind.
Should I get up now?
Will I be the only odd man standing?
Will any soul in the hall have the grace to be on their feet to Respect the Anthem?
It’s the educated masses who don’t care for Nationalistic sentiments these days. The learned scholars deny that there is sense in the feeling called Patriotism.
Why talk so complex?
In layman’s language, National Anthem is just a song to mark the end of a programme.


At times our people fool us!
I couldn’t believe my eyes. The entire hall stood up immediately for the Anthem and there was perfect discipline till the end.

After long time I found Tears in my eyes which was not due to dust.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Nan Thukki Valartha Thuyaram Nee"

"Real loss only occurs when you lose something that you love more than yourself"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was Tagged

I was tagged by Nivi. This is a game for bloggers. I am supposed to write 8 facts about me and then tag my blogger friends who will write facts about them and then pass on to their friends... Sounds interesting… So here I go...
1. I’m very much fond of playing such (stupid) games
2. I’m very impatient and want things to happen then and there.
3. Biriyani is my favorite dish.
4. I like being sentimental and emotional
5.I love India.
6. I love being alone.
7. I Love Maya (Please don’t ask who she is...)
8. I enjoy riding my bike and driving my car.
As per the game, I am gonna tag you... ASH, u r next!!! :-)

Hey Nivi… happy a?