Sunday, May 21, 2006

sunday bugggggggggggsssssss

Seems working on sundays produces gnani's ;-))

here are my second set of thoughts / advices / tutorials for life !!!

take life as it comes; always be good and do good for those who ve directly or indirectly done or been good to u..this will give a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to the way u live ur life..u can never forget or forgive ur enemies.. if someone says he has forgiven or forgotten his enemy dat means he is lying or the person who he is actually talking about is actually good !!be wat u r..never change for others..

there are many more lessons dat life has thot me.. there is a tamil song lyric.." nooru kanuvugal kandale..aaru kanuvugal palikadho"
out of 100 dreams wont atlest 6 come true..definitely it will come true...i strongly believe in this.. it does happen !!!!
set targets and work towards it..thou u may not be succesful in reaching the statistical target..ur work will never go waste..ur ultimate mission for which u set a target and work towards will surely be urs !!!!
these are some of the truths i realised via my experiments wit life..

the reader should be an epitome of patience if he/she enjoued reading this.. else..he/she needs to look into life SERIOUSLY ;-)))))))))

Sunday, May 07, 2006


At last i ve found one good HI-FI dumping ground for my thoughts..

wat happens happens for a reason..

u can never forget or forgive ur enemies..they always be thr !!

this is enough to start my blog.. :-))