Friday, September 25, 2015

Thank God

He was tall, dark, shabby, may be around 45 yrs or more. He carried a small plastic bag with couple of empty beverage cans. He has been hunting for empty cans in every trash bin in that street. He needs to collect at least 25 of them to get a dollar upon recycle! Its a chilly night and he has just got 2 cans in his bag so far. He is searching frantically in this bin and gets to see a plastic McD coke glass with its lid on and the straw. He is not happy as the recycle machines do not take these glasses! He is about to throw the glass when he realizes that the glass is half full. Someone threw it half empty sometime back. This brings sigh of relief on his face. Cold drink for dinner and no more can search tonight! He leaves down his can bag and runs to a corner with his dinner.

Thank God says the other HE who is sitting and watching all this from his car. The car is warm. He is comfortably dressed, smells clean, dreaming about past n future...waiting at the traffic light for a green signal.