Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Next??????????????

It’s been long since they walked together this way. Anu had stopped talking and meeting Hrithik. Few weeks back Hrithik had proposed to Anu. That evening Anu was walking down the lane. Anu’s grandma stayed there. Hrithik passed opposite to Anu in his bike. He had come there as there was a traffic diversion that weekend. He never noticed Anu. But Anu did. He had passed a few yards past Anu. “Hey” called Anu. Hrithik turned unassumingly, but was left surprised and shocked as it was Anu who had called. He parked his bike aside and walked near Anu. “So…what are you doing these days? You said you wanted to do your Law Degree…You decided to go for it? But you see I felt M.B.A was a better option for you. If you feel strong about doing your LAW course, then go for it. Ok?” Anu spoke non-stop. But he was speechless. At the end of all questions and suggestions Anu turned and looked at his face. It was Hrithik’s time to reply… “I’m thinking”… By then they had reached Anu’s house. With a gentle smile Anu said “It was nice talking to you after long time…Take care…Byeeee”. He was still feeling tight. He just waved his hand acknowledging her Bye.

Hrithik had no mind to say bye. He turned back at Anu…with no second thought, out of love; Hrithik pulled and kissed Anu. Anu couldn’t even react. He had caught Anu so tight and never stopped. At the end of the Kiss, he was shocked to see Anu faint. He didn’t know what to do. He could hear foot steps nearing the house entrance from inside. He left Anu lie at the door steps and panicked out of the compound. He rushed to his bike. But he was deeply worried. He wanted to know that Anu is doing fine. Hrithik has never feared so badly before. But today he was shivering. He ran back to the house. But he couldn’t build up the courage to get-in. Anu was not there at the door-steps. Finally a quick idea flashed in his mind. He hurried to the near-by telephone booth. Hrithik carried a mobile. Still he preferred a public phone. He called to Anu’s mobile. It ringed. But someone cut the line. He was confused. He wanted to know if it was Anu who did it. Hrithik started to sweat. He moved slowly towards the backend of the house. From there he saw Anu seated in the dining table with a drink. Relief…Hrithik breathed free only after seeing Anu do fine. He never turned back. He left the place, sped away in his bike.

I’m sure Anu, Hrithik, you, me…all are thinking…what next?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This is cycle 2 for me. This I do with lots of interest and on Demand. 8 more facts about me. This time it was Priti who tagged me !

1. My Perfect Morning : Get up early without an alarm, coffee, exercise, accompanied by songs

2.My Perfect Evening :An evening show Movie and light night dinner

3.I like Issues. I like facing them. No thrill unless u go chill over something.. Aint it ?

4. People generally judge me the wrong way. They Call me what im not. But actually I made them do it. So who is right? Me or people? Im confused. If you are clear...let me know ;)

5.My last crush was the all new Pulsar DTSi with Digital Display. And now my latest is...Laptop !

6.I respect the feminine gender a lot... True !

7.I want Miracles to happen. I doubt if sometjhing of that sort would happen. If it happens I say " Just another co-incidence" or "Human-Error". I dunno why im like this.. Still hoping for miracles...

8. Im dreamy. World demnds me to be more practical. I hate this. I want a way out... ;-)