Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting Ready

“It was my biggest dream. Today it’s come true. I’m very happy for it and extremely thankful to all those who stood beside me to see my dream come true”
Karan Johar the mastermind behind the greatest bollywood hit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai said that he has been rehearsing these words right from his childhood. This was his Speech of Acceptance when his movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was chosen the best movie.

My twelfth standard board exams had just started when I saw this interview of Karan Johar. I liked what he said. . . Rehearsing to face success; getting ready to face occasions. So I thought I will also rehearse for something big. Since 12 STD exams were going on and I had my English book in hand, I rehearsed how to face the press if I get a state rank in English. “I was quite happy with my performance, but the state rank is indeed a surprise to me. I would like to thank my English teacher Mrs. Eugene for the way she made the classes interesting and special thanks to Mrs. Kanchna my first English teacher”. This is what I exactly said in my first interview when I got my state rank in English. After a very long gap, I started rehearsing again. This time the rehearsal was for acting as a responsible brother to a beautiful sister. The occasion in pipeline was my sister’s engagement. I have attended engagements, marriages, birthday parties and various other ceremonies. But never felt the need for a rehearsal. This time it’s happening at my home. Tight schedule at office never gave me time for practice. But my mind was constantly working on the D-Day activities. How do I welcome guests? How do I answer to people? How do I create impression that I’m a very responsible brother? All activities were pre-arranged. I had nothing as such called work to do. Still I need to show people that have toiled for the day. Mental preparations and monologue rehearsals everywhere. The office restroom mirror and my Bike know how much I have rehearsed. Hard work always pays isn’t it? December 8 2006 turned out to be the most memorable day for many. And from my side, wow it was THE DAY I WAS LOOKING FOR. Though many recognized that I was just acting there as a responsible man, I had no other option. I had to be a responsible son/ responsible brother that day.

Karan Johar’s formula worked out well for me the second time too. And you know I have started my rehearsal for the next EVENT :->