Wednesday, August 09, 2006

passion of the earth !

Everything on earth is deceiving. Nothing is real. There is no value called truth. It’s a very bad world out there. Then how will people who live by principles survive here? Is there any way out?
What was once a world of goodness and truth has now transformed into a warehouse of ingratitude and deception.
God, the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent divine energy has ignored earth.
Is it so?
He no longer cares for this world of humans with only inhuman attitude.
Is it so?
God helps those who help themselves. We are emotionally, physically, economically, potentially dependent beings by all means. We can’t help ourselves. So don’t expect god.
Is it so?
See god in your mother’s love. See him in your father’s care. Feel him in your spouse’s faith.
Touch him as you caress your kid. Serve him by serving others. What does this mean? Godliness and divinity is all around, but it’s our role, which needs some conscious efforts to invoke his presence.
If this is way we need to lead life, then why is it people around are yearning for wealth and pleasures. No care for the fellow being. Always looking for a chance to cheat and hate. Where is mankind heading?
Man has become selfish, absolutely egoistic and lazy. All vibrations and energy around us has turned negative. Still we do find time to laugh. We smile, we shed tears, and we go places jus to see them. Still there are people who make us feel proud. We still adore and admire people for what they were, what they are and what they will be. And all these small elements in life help us sustain the hope of living a life worth its creation. At times life looks too beautiful and at times it looks most shabby.
Understanding the nuances of life is but a task impossible. But then how do we go about living? Learn life as it grows? Who are teachers here? I know there aren’t any preachers around.
It’s you. Only you. No one can make you grow. Growing is living. Growth is life. Learning from mistakes, obliging, forgiving, thanking, smiling, and greeting. They make life look good.
But what if I oblige and my neighbor doesn’t care for it?
What if I forgive but my foe isn’t guilty?
What if I thank and the person near fails to acknowledge?
What if I smile and you my DEAR frown at me?
If my world moves this way will I ever have the heart to greet someone? This makes me feel that the world is deceptive. Goodness is just an illusion. This brings me again to my first point. But I can’t let these deceptions spoil the goodness and richness in me. I’m passionate about my life. I’m strong. I’m capable of learning from mistakes. I will learn to kill my ego. I will learn to thank, smile and greet. I will live life the way I want and the way divinity commands. Complaint will always remain unattended as long as it is complained. Actions speak louder than words. But when actions can harm and words can soothe, even proverbs fail and humanity wins. So winning is with us. Just that we need that extra tact to handle life. Let us be tactful turning our weaknesses into strength. Lets live the way that makes us feel good and NICE. The earth will always be one piece of god’s creation and man will always be part of this small piece till the computers can calculate date.
My earth is beautiful! Love you!

Friday, August 04, 2006

I found the reason

It’s the season of Friendship. August is the month for friends. All our inboxes are overflowing with forwards glorifying friendship. Friendship Bands have been on whooping sales. Special offers everywhere. Be it garments or gift shop, friends are flocking together everywhere. Thanks to the new trend in IT industry, all beach resorts too are full on weekends. And all this attention for what? Yes it’s for FRIENDSHIP DAY!

And here comes the famous argument “Do we need a dedicated day called Friendship day?”
Why not? All mothers love their kids. But have you seen the spark; that extra happiness sprinkled all around her face on your birthday? Does that mean she loves you more on your birthday? Not at all. Our age and lifestyle demands that we spend most of our time either with ourselves or with our friends. In due course we forget that there are people around who require our attention, care and concern. Slowly we learnt their yearning for us and decided to dedicate special days as Mother’s day, Father’s day, etc. And one fine day it struck to us that “Don’t we need a special day for our friend’s who made us forget all our other dear and nears?” And thus evolved the concept of Friendship day!

Note: All reasons stated in the above blog are true (only) to my knowledge.