Tuesday, October 03, 2006

oru ponnu onnu nan pathen !!

What do you do when a cute little girl shows green signal . . . signs of inviting you to join her when you are waiting for green signal?
I started praying that the signal should remain RED for some more time.

“Newyork Nagaram” song is making my ride back home enchanting. Earphones tightly plugged to my ears inside the Helmet DEN! I apply brakes slowly to stop for the signal which I usually do rashly. This time I purposefully made it smooth so that it doesn’t disturb the rhythm of the song. A cute little KID captures my attention there at the signal. Sitting in her mom’s lap, this girl calls me closer with genuine, coordinated arm and eye movements. “Andha ponnu kupta namalum vazhinchitu poradha?” that will affect my reputation seriously. So I turned brusque. Starred angrily at the little girl and showed signs of disrespect to her invitation. Deeply hurt by my actions the girl reacted! Hugged her mom tight with her eyes closed still more tight. Her face shrunk in discomfiture. I lost my face too. What on earth did I do now? Shame spread around me. I have spoilt the girl’s entire evening with my unmindful action. But being a quick learner I was swift enough to recover. With gentle signs of apology I opened out my helmet windscreen to reach out to the girl. With extended arms I earnestly called her to take the front seat in my bike (the petrol tank over which kids are always made to sit). The little girl had a big heart to forgive me. I understood this with the way she smiled back. First time I saw a girl hiding her face with shy seeing me! Excited by her response I invited her to occupy the special seat with all rights. For a few seconds I blushed… she blushed back too :-) (idhula background music vera). If only I had a chocolate to offer her… cha I wanted more interaction but the signal turned green. Her bike went in the same direction in which I had to go. Seri konjam scene podalamnu solli I accelerated more than her dad did and went past them. I had hardly moved few meters ahead of them, my eyes wanted to see her again. Unable to resist the temptation I slowed down…and there I ‘am right behind her. She is excited to see me back. I felt like I had done a great sacrifice by slowing down to get a glimpse of her beauty, but actually she had done the magic by mesmerizing my senses. “khanna Mannu Ponnu Pennu – indha moonu pinnadiyum namma poga kudathu, adhu than namma pinnadi varanum” Rajini dialogue suddenly struck my mind. So I had to abandon her there and move ahead. With a heavy heart, I overtook her bike once again and this time I never looked back. Her eyes, the smile, the charm, and my god I don’t know if I will meet her ever in my life again. I pray I should never see her back. I will forget my way back home if I see her again. I offered special seat not only in my bike but in my heart too. She dint reject the invitation. But she couldn’t accept too. The invitation is now floating in air. Whoever receives it, please keep it safe, cos its very SPECIAL :-)