Monday, January 07, 2008

Ek Choti si Love Story

जो कभी नही थी अपना
उसके सात देखा मेंने एक सपना

दिल मे थी वो एक तारा
दुनिया मे लगी मुझे वो सबसे प्यारा

चाँद थी वो मेरी...मेरी सपनो की रानी
शुरू होने से पहले ही कतम मेरी प्रेम कहानी

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Crystal Clock

“Why would a Doctor do this?”
“I know this person has been doing research and stuff on various things, but this one…I don’t understand”
“Is this part of Physics or chemistry?”

Everyone in the hall was amused. All were young budding engineers from various walks of life. It was an old class room kind of hall where the Doctor had invited these people for a demo. The hall was sizzling with questions and doubtful discussions. There was total unrest with the gathered crowd. The doctor entered he hall and everyone went silent. He was a respected personality in the society. He commanded respect not because of his age and profession, but for his interest to serve the society. The Doctor started the demo session with his trademark smile, the smile which most successful medical practitioners use to heal their patients. He proudly unveiled his invention, “The Crystal Clock”

The Crystal Clock looked like a transparent Bee-Hive filled with white honey! At the strike of every hour, the crystals floating over the liquid gathered to form the needle structure and glowed gloriously showing the time. The Doctor did not go into the technical details of the invention. But instead, he focused on his efforts which led to this invention. He stressed the need for young minds to think and work innovatively. He revealed that an accidental discovery during one of his researches with careful calculation had turned into this remarkable invention. He concluded the session giving room for the young minds to take snaps of the masterpiece and clarify doubts if any. Part of the crowd went behind the Doctor asking him technical doubts. Aditya was sitting all this while in the hall patiently. Asking himself why he had come there, he smiled at himself sarcastically and left the room. Only when he was about to start his bike he remembered that he had missed his helmet at the hall. He went back to collect it. He found the hall empty. Everyone had dispersed except or this girl. Aditya was quick to recognize Sumi, the Doctor’s daughter. Having come back this far, he thought he will share a word with her. He greeted her with his evening wishes and politely asked her idea about her father’s invention.

“I have no idea what this is. Every time Dad organizes a demo session, I make sure I’m present there not to miss the hot snacks served. Today the menu is chips and samosas. Chips, Samosa and Coffee…That’s a great combi you know? Don’t miss it. Rush to the corridor” saying this she left the place munching chips…

Aditya had nothing much to think or say… “Nice Doctor…Nice Daughter!”

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The conversation was nearing completion. There was nothing left to talk about in that topic. Already they had covered three topics in the past one hour. He didn’t want the call to end. At the back of his mind, he was searching for a new topic to talk. The last topic was already dragging toward its end. He was running out of words to keep the call live. There was silence for a while…a brief pause…

“I’ am disturbing you a lot these days…hey na?” she sparkled. He wanted to say YES, but he spitted out a NO. Quickly realizing that this would be his best chance to express his feeling for her, he gathered strength and in a very gentle tone, politely delivered his mind… “Yes, I admit. You are disturbing me a lot these days. But I’m ready to handle this disturbance for a life time, if the girl is you”. He was awaiting a response. But he heard nothing. Little did he realize that the call had got cut sometime back. He wanted to know if she had listened to what he said…the call got CUT by itself or she did it. His head was spinning with uncertainty. He immediately called her again and asked if she had got his reply? She said “The line got Cut” With a sigh, he started blushing. Now a new topic…He called her as MILU… She was surprised. “Why a pet name all of a sudden? And what does MILU stand for? What does it mean?” she pounced with many such questions. Before he could put in efforts to answer her, she said Good night citing that it was already too late to hit bed, but before she cut the call, she asked for assurance that he will answer her the next day.

He was waiting for the next dawn…next opportunity to call her…MILU