Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rain in Brain cos of Train !

Friday 14 July 2006, 7:28 Pm,

Started early from office, still I don’t have mind to leave the campus. I keep dragging my exit by roaming around cubicles and meeting people .Finally I started off around 7:30, dropped a friend at Guindy subway and moved ahead towards home. Traffic was like hell and so I took the route less traveled by, the road behind Guindy railway station.

Guindy railway station
Friday 14 July 2006, 7:48 Pm,

My bike and a train are running parallel, of course my bike on the road and the train on tracks. Every time I use this way, I think of stopping for a while and spending some time watching the trains pass by.

I love Trains. I love watching them pass by. I love to hear them. In fact Doppler Effect which is often explained with the sound of a distant train approaching us and then slowly the sound fading away once it passes us, is my favorite or the only science theory I like!

But people will brand me Insane if I stop my bike here now for this crazy purpose. But still unable to resist my interest I slowed down my bike. Someone is calling me in my mobile. I seldom attend calls or do the SMS stuff when I’m on the move. But today I was tempted to stop by the road to attend the call (it served the dual purpose of attending the call and gave me the time I require to see my favorite sight). The call was from a friend and the conversation was over in ten minutes. My mind heart and eyes were focused towards the world beyond the 5 foot wall, the Railway station.

Two Express trains passed and two Electric trains passed. I enjoyed watching and listening to them. I don’t know what makes me so excited about these trains, but I know I love and enjoy them! What a pleasant time it was watching these trains pass by from the other end of the road! To make it more pleasant, there comes my DEAR rain! Sudden outburst of emotional tears, this is how I will describe yesterday’s showers. Deserted road, silent night, the sky is crying and I stand near my bike without shelter, what else do I need to pen down a poem. But I’m not a poet so thought will jus key in this blog!

Few thoughts were running through my mind at this point. The thought process was as steady as the rain and the train! We are gifted with many blessings when compared with others. Still we yearn for more. Every time we wish for something, we think that, if only this happens I will be the happiest person on earth! And when the wish or dream actually comes true, are we still with the same mental set up? No, our heart is ready with its next wish. When u watch a train coming out a tunnel, u can’t guess which one will be the last compartment until it actually comes out of the tunnel. Similarly we never know which one will be our wish which will make us content! Though a weird comparison I felt it holds good!
I don’t know if u people can think this way, I was happy making such relations with train rain and brain! (Rhyming Na?).

Few movie scenes flashed through my eyes, I started drafting a chase sequence along the road and the tracks for my dream movie (don’t worry I’m not the hero in the movie, I direct it). I placed myself in one of the platforms there as though I’m waiting for someone coming in one of those trains, and then a popular scene of me sitting with friends on the wall along the railway track (kutti suvaru) also ran through my mind. I slowly started realizing that rain was stopping; the trains were moving and me still in dreamland (road corner drenched in rain). Unlike other days, I rode my bike slowly and steadily to keep the mood safe. It has been safe till now, and will remain safe forever here!

Saturday 15 July 2006, 11:08 Am

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Love at first sight !

Jus gone thru 3 pages and im already exhausted..This is wat happens whenever i take a it a novel, fiction, biography, or EVEN a text book !

Im bad, really bad in reading.. Boredom struck me so hard dat one fine day i ran out of all leisure activities dat used to entertain me..Eating, sleeping and Dreamin had

become my routine dat time..Dat day i sat with a mystery novel by "ALFRED HITCHCOCK"..a very small book..hardly 150 pages..As i was reading thru it my spine went

straight ! So much suspense ! After sometime i started feeling sleepy n dats it..thr ends the story. I had covered jus 25-30 pages..this is my interest towards books...never

touched the book again..

But my intuition always used to warn me.. see one fine day u ll turn a voracious reader !

Impossible was the reply i had for my sixth sense.. Still my intuition was strong enough to convince me dat i ll indeed become a voracious reader..

Being a person who respects n acts by his instincts..i accepted the views of my sixth sense !

For a guy who runs at the sight of a book, to turn into a redaer who loves reading..this is no simple task.. For this to happen, the first book i will read has to be AWE INSPIRING !

But where when and how will i identify such a book ! A book dat is inspiring, somethin which will kindle my spirit for reading, an instrument which will pull me into reading habit !

Dan Brown's Da vinci Code ! the best seller of all ages..the book which broke many records n created controversies ! Even this din help me out ! first 12 chapters and i threw the book.. but then my intuition grew so strong dat i started looking out for dat "good book" which will do the magic..

One special person tells me.."How can u be my Kinda person when u r not reading books !!!" Where do i keep my face now ! She was a voracious reader..i say "she was" because she doesn find time for them now..still she manages time for books !

My intuition knocking my heart urging me to impress (not a false impression) my special one as i had promised her..


But im yet to find my KINDA book..

One fine sunday evening after a busy day, a relaxed meeting with my close friend.. most unexpectedly we start talking about books and he shows me his latest collection of books.. And he tempts me by saying dat he got a book and he has been thinking about me ever since he bought it... He also adds up sayin dat i ll take away the book if he shows it to me ..Suspense n suprise about a book ! someone says this books is jus for me and hides it from me ! I can create Suspense environment around me but seldom can bear when its woven around me.. Finally like Rajni introduction scene, my friend takes out the book.. " LOVE at First Sight " this happened to me not jus wit dat girl, but also with this book. The Title of the book itself impressed me.. Sunday night 1 hr and and monday night 2 hrs, the book is over.. I cant believe i completed a 300 page book in 3 hrs !

Im pleased with myself, im satisfied dat my intuitive powers ve predicted the rite happenning..Yes im inclined towards books now..not all dat is available, but the ones im searchin for..the ones which match my taste..the ones which make me ADMIRE and the ones which will interest me to go for the next one !

The book which i jus read might not interest u as it did me..tastes differ from person to person u see..But i felt i ll share it with u all as this is the first book i ve ever read fully right from the title in its cover page to the reviews in its back cover !

And i kno its injustice if i don mention the name of the book even after so much boasting !

Manual of the WARRIOR OF LIGHT by Paulo long i was talkin about this one.. ;->

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Its Special to be Special n ve Someone Special !

Pls Don try answering these questions !

Why is dat somone is special to us than others ?
Why is dat we admire n adore someone more than anything else ?
Why is dat we dream n dream about a dream to dream more about a dream with dat special one ?
Why is dat we wait for someone Special but hate waiting for others ?
Why is dat we are happy doin favors for dat specail one but look for excuses when it comes to helping others ?
Why do we like talking to those special people even when we are down with no energy ?
Why do we like talking about them ?
Why Aren we able to look into their eyes but always yearn dat they stay in our eyesight forever ?
Why do we stumble for words while talking with them ?
Why do we don like ending a conversatiion with the special one even when we run out of words ?
Why aren we able to say NO to those special ones for anything ?
Why is dat we aren able to say "U were wrong" to them even when they were wrong ?
Why is dat we get Excited with jus the thought of somone special ?
Why is dat we aren able to control our temper when somone says bad about our special somone ?
Why is dat we laugh n Cry to ourselves for dat somone special ?
Why do we feel lucky having them with us ?
Why...? still many more questions..

pls don answer me.. Im not in search of answers..

All i wanted to convey was.."Jus enjoy these Crazy Feelings"