Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pinky goes Pink !

Pinky was too tired even to open her eyes. Wrapped in a soft pink towel, Pinky lay comfortably in her mom’s lap. Sumi and Aditya, the young parents of Pinky were on their way back home after their successful holiday at Munnar. They say the holiday was successful because they executed the plan against many odds. Pinky’s grandparents were strictly against this holiday trip keeping in mind Pinky’s age as she was hardly 9 months old. But Sumi and Aditya badly needed this break. Sumi had abandoned her job owing to Pinky’s birth. So it has been more than a year now since she really had exposure to the outside world. Aditya, the young Gentleman cadet has jus passed out of the Officer’s Training Academy (OTA), Dehradun which trains Army Captains. Captain Aditya was one of the most charming officers at OTA. No one believed that he was married when he proudly announced his team about Pinky’s birth. Aditya and Sumi were too quick to tie the knot at a very early age. Aditya will turn 25 when Pinky celebrates her first birthday. Young father, young mother, cheerful grandparents, and lovable friends around. Pinky is indeed lucky to be born in such an environment.

Aditya and Sumi had just boarded the Train to Chennai. While Sumi was extremely cautious not to disturb Pinky, Aditya was quick enough to put up the luggage so that Sumi and Pinky were comfortable. The Train was about to start in another 5 minutes. Sumi wanted to have the magazine that was on display in the bookstall at the station. The stall was at the other side of the platform. Keeping in mind that Sumi will get bored after a while, Aditya decided to have a quick run to the stall to get her the magazine. Sumi half heartedly nodded when Aditya said he was getting down to get the magazine. It was early evening and the platform lights were being switched on. The Lights inside the train too went ON. This sudden change in lighting and the dampness inside the A/C coach had disturbed Pinky’s sleep. She started becoming restless as the train started moving with a jerk. Sumi had no clue as why Aditya is still not aboard even after the train had started moving. She grew tensed and started to panic as she could not find Aditya around. The train was nearly out of the station and it was picking up its speed. Pinky suddenly started crying. Tears rolled down quickly. It was not just Pinky who was crying, Sumi also. Being a smart and matured girl, Sumi gathered enough strength in her voice to quickly alert the co-passengers that her husband had not boarded the train. The TTE was approached for help but then he had no other option except to console Sumi with cool words that he would contact the Station master once the train reached the next station. As a TTE that was the maximum he could do. Sumi was terribly disappointed with herself for having let Aditya go for the book at the last moment. But still she knew Aditya will certainly reach her soon. Just the uncertainty of when and how Aditya will make up to Sumi and Pinky was hindering her mind.

Aditya had missed the train. Though he was quick on his foot in getting the book, the landed up in a different platform while getting back. He reached the wrong platform just to find that his train was pulling out of the station from the other side. Aditya was unhappy with himself for having done such a blunder of missing the train. But without wasting much time he becalmed himself looking for ways to catch the train. When he was about to approach the station master for help, he met a lady in on the platform of his train. The lady wore a familiar look. Aditya identified the lady as a railway employee with her ID card. With the feel that he had met her already somewhere, he approached the lady for help. Call it luck or blessing, the lady happened to be a senior officer who had the power to stop the train under emergency situations. Keeping in mind the fact that the train had left the station and that Aditya had narrated his displeasure of missing his wife and little kid, the lady without any hesitation pulled out her wireless instrument and commanded some orders. The train halted. Sumi and the other passengers in the train were surprised to see that the train stopped just for Aditya to get in. Thankfully waving bye to the lady in the station, Aditya moved inside the coach to comfort Sumi. The train started again with a jerk and as expected Pinky stared crying again. Aditya, Sumi and other passengers were engaged in attending to Pinky, forgetting all the confusion behind. Next morning Pinky was cheerfully playing with her little dolly as Aditya and Sumi romanced with their eyes smiling and faces blooming with the shock of yesterday’s ordeal running at the back of their mind.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Chamber of Secrets

After a quick small fight with mom, I stormed into the bedroom bashing the door just to show that I was angry with things around. I was so restless that I needed to keep myself occupied by all means, a good diversion to ease and cool myself. My IPOD comforted my ears and occupied 50% of my think tank. But my eyes were still displeased. Just then I spotted this book “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” on my bed. Being a person who never reads books just for the fun of reading, I hesitated to pick up the book (to give some work to my eyes). Heard lots about Harry Potter, but never has its fantasy fancied me. But today just to keep me occupied and with the attitude of checking “WAT BIG STUFF DID PEOPLE FIND IN IT” I started READING!

Hardly covered two pages but even before that I could find myself peacefully settled in my bed. That was a magical turn around...Oops Potter fans know that the M word is a restricted one. But I’m not Harry though M makes me go Mad ;-) The time I spent this night reading two chapters of the book has been one of the few moments which made me feel good about myself. Though I wasn’t much carried away by the Harry Potter stuff, I certainly enjoyed the ‘feel good’ feel which reading a book can give me. The books usually I read are quite heavy with its contents for example “The Constitution of India”. But books meant for reading and just for reading alone, the pleasure of it is distinct. Music and book is a pretty good combination. I feel they can make up for my ideal before bedtime partners. I don’t say I have fallen in love with reading habit overnight, but certainly this is a sign of a good start. The starting point of the journey to explore the chamber of secrets (books).

Sometime back someone told me, “If I were to die in a freak road accident, ensure that you reach my mobile to my mom and my books to my cousin sister” and I was quick to reserve my share for books as I could foresee myself turning a voracious reader soon. It’s not yet time for both to happen ;-))

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Smiley Smiles :-)

9th April 2007, 7:30 pm

It was the usual onsite status call... jus two of us and a phone in a big conference room. One person giving updates and me lost in thoughts was scribbling in my notepad. It was around 8 pm when my colleague woke me up from my dream state. He pointed to my notepad and started laughing sarcastically... What was that I was scribbling in my notepad? For one second I feared to turn towards the sheet I was scribbling. What if I had written the name of the person I was dreaming about?? Aaaah... sigh of relief! The sheet was full of SMILEY’s

Cheerful smiley’s all around the paper and one or two project related words which had mistakenly entered my ears during the call. My friend was all doubts on why I was so much fascinated by these little smileys. I’m not doubtful but am pleased with the fact that I like smiley’s... Like smiley’s ? But why? Cos Smiley makes me smile and for me smile is...

SMILE..Simply Means I Like emmm !!