Monday, March 09, 2009

Padma...Answer Me!

‘Karthick indha ponna than love panranam… indha ponna than kalyanam pannika poranam…’ the news spread like fire in karthick’s sister wedding. Padma and Karthick know each other for past 2 years. Karthick had never expressed his affection for Padma in these 2 years. Everyone knew that they were attracted to each other. But the talk of an love affair was never in the air. Karthick enjoyed and cherished every moment spent with Padma. Not even a single day passed without talking with her. Karthick hoped that Padma will recognise his love for her and that he will never require to express it in words.

One fine day, when they were as usual having their daily chat, Padma told Karthick that her wedding was almost fixed. Though nothing was offical, she said she was informing him before telling anyone else. Karthcik was shell-shocked to hear this. He couldn’t sleep that night. He did not wish her. He was hoping high that what Padma told him that night was all false and for fun.

His hopes were shattered when he learnt that Padma’s wedding was indeed fixed. Karthick did not know what to do. He knew that there was no use now going and explaining to her his intention of marrying her. But this would not let him sleep! He wanted atleast Padma should get to know the fact that he loved her. So he conveyed his love to her in the most subtle way. He always had romantic dreams but today he had to convey his love just as a message. Padma’s reaction wasn’t too expressive. She was very much composed and dismissed his love as kiddish.

Karthick did not try to persuade her as she was into her wedding arrangements in full swing. He did not want to disturb her harmony. Her excitement about marriage was jubiliant in her eyes. Karthick’s heart wasn’t broken as he tried to pacify himself that ‘If Padma was never interested, then why worry about it’

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed… Padma got engaged. The daily conversations between Padma and Karthick dropped and came to near Nil by this time. It was a Sunday evening when Padma came to karthick’s house to invite his family for the wedding. She knew karthick doesn’t need a formal invitation. She was very coyish today with karthick’s family unlike other days. After inviting his parents she was about to leave when karthick offered to drop her back home. He has dropped her several times before. But today was different. He felt indifferent. He felt he was dropping a stranger! Throughout the drive back home, karthick and Padma never spoke to eachother. They reached her door step. Padma was getting down from the car. Karthick whispered… ‘In the past two years have you ever felt that that I loved you? Not even once did you feel that I wanted to marry you?...’ Padma quietly got down from the car and walked towards her house. Karthick with a heavy heart asked Padma… ‘Padma Answer Me!’

Padma came back near the car, looking deep into Karthick’s eyes said, ‘ Thanks for dropping me’

There are lots of questions which go unanswered! What was in padma's mind about karthick? What will karthick do next? Padma will not answer anyway...will karthick?