Saturday, July 14, 2007


We Don't See What WAS
We See What We WANT !!!

I was proud and stubborn...!

Monday, July 09, 2007

I kissed KIRAN BEDI!

Kiran Bedi!
She is my heroine. I’m her die-hard fan. She is my ideal woman. She is my role-model. I have read, heard and spoke lots about her. But never got a chance to meet her in person. I’m waiting for that lucky day.

Me going to meet my sweet little kids at their home is nothing new. It’s been nearly a month since I met them. This Sunday I had been there just to see them. Whenever I go there, they run upto me near the door; hug me tight and take me inside. This is the kind of welcome I usually get. But this time there was none to welcome me. The kids’ room was locked from within. I knocked the door. “Coming…please wait” was the response. I waited patiently for few seconds. I could hear the kids giggling and other noises. I started growing restless. Suddenly the door opened. First Shruthi came out laughing. Her eyes told me that there was something interesting waiting for me. She proudly shaking her pony tail started off with her introduction speech. I understood nothing out of it except for the last few words… “Please welcome the one and only Kiran Bedi” she shouted. Kiran Bedi??? I stood clueless till I saw Kiran Bedi marching boisterously towards me. It was chotu!!!
The little girl who I saw last with a cute little pony tail now had totally changed with her new hair cut!!! She was like Kiran Bedi junior. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Even Kiran Bedi’s grand daughter wouldn’t carry so much resemblance in terms of body language and style. Chotu had it in her.

She sprang upon me putting me down and hugged me happily with all smiles. Unable to control my excitement, I asked her for a Kiss! They are the only girls who kiss me unlimited. But today, the Kiran stuff made her reject my request. I was denied a Kiss L
I was with them for two hours. All the time I was admiring the bold beautiful Kiran. Calling her Kiran Darling would immediately result in her dialing to 100 asking two cops to arrest me for Eve teasing. But she dialed from her toy mobile ;-) Finally it was time to start home. I again asked for a kiss and again the plea was dismissed.

Disappointed to the core, I left the place sans energy. I crossed the main door; wore my shoes and turned towards the stairs to come down to the road. Just then a sweet little voice called me” Anna”! I turned to see my Kiran darling running towards me. I knelt down to accept her Sweet Kiss. Lip to Lip Kiss!

I kissed KIRAN BEDI!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

the last time. . . . . . . . !

Saturday, 30th June 2007, 23:30Hrs

Michael and Cheryl weren’t in good terms for the past six months. Their tug of war reached an all time high today. In a streak of anger Michael called Cheryl his biggest mistake. This upset her to the core. But her ego won’t accept that she was upset. Tit for tat… Cheryl threw all her anger over Michael in one sentence. I hate you!
Deeply depressed with Cheryl’s words, Michael stayed very silent. “Don’t try your games again with me… I don’t want to see you again in my lifetime.” Cheryl was unstoppable. She was erupting ferociously. Wounded by her words, Michael cut the phone line in disgust. It was Cheryl’s Birthday the next day. She was everything for him. She was the only girl he would turn for. But today she blamed Michael a flirt. Michael felt heart broken. He felt his love has become meaningless. Not knowing what to do next he set out aimlessly in his bike.

Sunday, 1st July 2007, 00:45Hrs

Heavy rains in the evening had left all roads flooded. The roads were mucky and slippery. Michael hates crying. But today he couldn’t help himself. Tears dimmed his vision. He was going through all sweet moments. Its Cheryl’s birthday today and he is not in a position even to wish her. There was severe traffic jam in his mind; clash of thoughts and emotions; the pain was unbearable… Michael was not in his senses. Cheryl, his love, his luck, his life nothing is his anymore. Call it fate or bad luck, Michael was hit by a speeding truck and thrown off the road. His bike hit the highway rails and was damaged terribly. Michael lay unconscious at one corner of the road.

Sunday, 1st July 2007, 02:00Hrs

It’s been nearly 2 hrs since the accident. Head injury had caused severe blood loss.
The dark rainy night had left the highway and Michael unattended. Had it been any other night, there was a chance the highway patrol would have spotted the accident victim. But today rain forced everyone stay indoors. Here at home Cheryl dint even take efforts to think about Michael. She happily attended all her Birthday calls, and was busy packing her suitcase. She has to catch the first bus to her home town at 5am.

Sunday, 1st July 2007, 05:30Hrs

Rain had stopped. The first rays of the sun shined brightly over Michael. Severely injured, Michael couldn’t even budge a bit. He slowly gained consciousness hearing to the blaring siren of the ambulance. He was being given first aid to stop blood loss. Michael with great effort opened his eyes. Two nurses, few policemen and an ambulance is what he saw at first. As he was being moved from the accident spot to the ambulance, he saw a bus crossing them. Michael could hardly keep his eyes open. As his eye lids closed beyond his control, Michael saw Cheryl in the bus. She was in his favorite white dress. The one in which Michael saw her for the first time. Seeing her Michael slowly whispered CHERYL and closed his eyes.

Marathil irunthu pookal uthirum
marupadi puthida marukathe
Malayil suriyan maraintha piragum
maru nal uthirkum marakathe

Mudiya kangal thirakuma?