Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome the Change

Change is the only thing dat doesn change !
At times when ppl give overwhelming responses and applauses to some dialogues in movies..i do think why is it so ?
Its because they ve encountered such a situation in life but were unable to respond or deliver the way our matinee star did in the movie.
So movies aren totally false..except for exaggerations here n thr.. After all we r looking for change man !
Go to Central railway station anytime of the year, travel in Electric train anytime of the day, visit a cineplex on a weekend, im not suggesting ways to freak out but to feel wat population explosion sorry i din mention Ranganathan street during festival times, cos its reserved for someother xperience..HELL ON EARTH !
To understand People, ask help to ur relatives, catch an auto to reach a place where u usually go by public transport or ur own private vehicle(auto drivers and their charging mechanisms will teach u many lessons), go to a crowded store where Customer service holds no sense any longer.. Chk if this was human behaviour 5 yrs back..Do u feel the change ?
why am i saying all this.. i jus felt dat the world is constantly changing by all means.. The textures and fixtures..the colours and valours..the thinking and inking..everything is changing..but wat has been ignored is the Human value in them.. the value of words, the Warmth of a touch and the hospitality behind the gentle we lost them?
The answer is a YES and a NO !
Confusin isn it ? ( Im always one big CONFUSION ! {even to myself})
I say yes because its a fact we r ignoring them in our so called fight for survival and i say no because we still xperience these pleasures if not always, atleast at times..
So let me come to the final word.. The Fast changing world demands selfish motives for survival..but life loses its charm when u dedicate ur life only for it.Lets not Worry about the lost charm.. but live such a way dat we enhance the rest of of life wit energy that soothes and lifestyle dat suits !

Change wit change;
behave strange;
keep ur range;
don estrange;
but try exchange
for a better change !

Thursday, June 22, 2006



Angry Gentleman!

Does that sound like an oxymoron?

May be. But can an angry man ever be gentle?

Why not! If a gentleman can get angry why not accept an angry Gentleman!

And full marks to Angry Young Gentlemen, without them Abdul Kalam's Vision 2020 will remain a dream forever!

Well let me try defining a gentleman/angry man/ and an angry gentleman!

A gentleman is gentle. He always wants people address him as gentle and he will always act gentle and never react. But the time he started acting gentle, he loses his identity and individuality.

I’m not a gentleman. I don’t want to be one too!

Angry man. He is full of vigor, his name means fire! He never acts but always reacts.
He can’t face rejection. He can’t take excuses. He can’t bear pain. He is reflexive. Beware! He might harm you by words and action. He is true only to himself. He is not a bad guy, but we brand him bad. Poor fellow actually becomes bad in his run to prove his stand to us that he isn’t bad.

Am I an angry man? No I don think so. Sometimes I may look like one if not to you at least to someone somewhere. If so, I need to break that image. If not with the person who says that I’m a angry man, but to myself.

Angry young gentleman! He is my man. Your man. The complete man. He is young. He is full of strength, energy and power. He doesn’t act still he is gentle. His temper may be bad but he doesn’t react. No he is not numb. But then who is he? He is the only who GENTLY REACTS WITHOUT ACTING.

He is not swami vivekanada’s re-incarnation. But the modern KARNA who is generous, brave and benevolent. His survival is tough in this big bad world. Yet his youth and anger will keep him moving. His gentleness will win him friends.

Am I the Angry young Gentleman?

I wont say yes. But I’m grooming myself to be one.

The woods are lovely dark and deep,
I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.

Live this way when it comes to the self.

Heel the world.
Make a better place.
For you and for me and for the entire human race.

Live this way for the people around.

This is a simple (in words) yet an effective (when put in action) suggestion from this upcoming ANGRY YOUNG GENTLEMAN :->

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Honey ! I drove the Rain :(

A splendid evening full of laughter jus got over and im on my bike back home.. It started raining wit the same whirlpool kinda effect again.. and the first thing which struck my mind was.. “oye its time for my next blog”..but wait.. y din anyone jus tell me dat Mr.rain actually knows to read.. Otherwise y did the rain stop jus wen I thot of composing my next blog !! ????????… L

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday the 3rd of June

Goofy says

The mobile is ringing beneath my pillow. All I know is that it is early morning and Saturday. I have no idea of who is calling still I attend the call. “ Its an ABEND and you got to be at office ASAP” this is what I heard and the person at the other end asks me the time I will reach office. I’m not able to open my eyes even to check the time. And here comes mom to my help. I can hear her prompting the time “its 6:40”. I know I can’t make it, still I say that I will be there at office at 7:30 sharp. Gathering all my strength I somehow managed to get up and push myself to brushing zone and there I am ready to start at 7:30. Many a times I have seen Dad getting calls like this in the early hours and then he rushes to office. His profession was that way. But do I really need to do this being in the so-called “IT INDUSTRY”??? This was what I was thinking while I rode my way to office. The ABEND fixing this time was indeed a good learning experience but at the cost of my precious Saturday morning nap. Oh my god I had my tea at around 7 am but its already 10 and I have no hopes of having my breakfast today. Times keeps running and so is my bio-clock. Its 11:30 and still tummy is empty. Reading my sad situation as Bad luck, one of my smart and kindhearted friend consoles me saying “ another half an hour and its lunch time man!” good friend Na? Finally the ABEND is fixed and I start back home. I know I’m riding faster than usual, but what to do I’m hungry for food and the lost sleep. Lunch has never been so special except for Non-veg. But today the usual Sambhar sadham and curd rice with potato chips makes feel like heaven! Pasi koduma!
Immediately after lunch I snuggle into my bed. Sleeping beauty!

A bright evening starts with me going to the shower for the first time for the day followed by a visit to Mr. God’s place. Poor god unable to help me with my problems became dull. Its Saturday evening, the right time to spend to quality time with my friend. Then nice dinner at one of my family friend’s house (mom went there when I was sleeping in the afternoon). Its 9:30 PM and I start my bike along with mom. Usually when mom is at my back seat I ride slowly (nalla pullanu per vangathan). As I started the bike I could feel a sudden change in weather. Cool breeze and traces of raindrops here and there. So “its gonna be a nice ride” this is what I thought. But I never knew that a small adventure was in stock for me. I would have covered hardly a km on road when the gentle breeze started to show its fiery face. I have seen this only in movies. Whirlpool style wind, the sweet little leaves and kuppai’s of chennai city flying from one side of the road to the other. The wind got stronger and stronger and I found it extremely hard to keep my vehicle under my control. To add up to my woe there comes Mr. Rain. The wind and the rain together were so strong that I could hardly see anything on road. Have you ever experienced a hundred needles pricking Ur face and body? I felt it today. The wind and rain were so strong that when I was riding over the flyover, my mom got tensed seeing one of the Ad boards falling over the bridge. She asked to stop somewhere. Where do I stop? Road a kannukku theriyala! Then finally managed to stop in a nearby petrol station. Rain seemed to slow down and we started our journey again. But again it started, this time showing its very angry face. We thought of stopping again, but both of us felt that this will worsen but will not stop. So we continued. From now on till we reached home I had good exercise for my mind. I was thinking of writing this blog, praying that my bike shouldn’t stop in rain as I saw quite few two-wheelers out of order due to the rains. My concentration was on the road too as it was very slippery. I had to bear with the needle pricking effect of rain too (it was indeed very painful). At one point, the situation worsened so bad that I asked my mom to close her eyes. As it comes in movies I saw bikes, which came along skidding one after the other, thanks to the rain-wind combination. Very adventurous ride it though a dangerous one too. Dunno why I never felt like stopping in the middle. Even my mom din insist on that. The lonely, shade less, dark by-pass road we took for the travel may be the reason too. On reaching home my mom said “though it was very different experience today, please don’t attempt it again”.
But I’m sure I won her confidence today that I’m a better driver. Now the time is 3:30 am. Its Sunday morning, the first Sunday of June. I tried hard sleeping but in vain. Finally landed up typing this blog. If you had patiently read the entire blog, I salute you. Cos I know it nothing but junk out here. Still I never feel like writing blogs unless when I go too crazy as I am today. Until I turn “too” crazy again, its good ye from me. I stressed on the word TOO cos im always crazy and only at times go “too” crazy :->

Note: I haven given spell check, grammar check or at least read thru once. So kindly ignore all errors if any !